Zecast provides fully-optimized, reliable and robust video transcoding solutions to businesses. Our transcoder transcodes the video content into various formats and delivers it via Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming.

What is Transcoding?
The digital-to-digital conversion of video, audio or image files to a reduced bit rate maintaining the original file format is known as “Transcoding”.
Multi bit rate streaming
Multi bit rate streaming allows end users to stream media rich content under various formats like 4k, UHD, HD, 240p, 1080p etc based on internet connectivity. When offering VOD services delivering 4k and UHD streams to mass audiences, end users with fast internet connectivity will access these streams easily while slow internet users will experience buffering. Using multi bit rate, we optimize your content for users that have slow internet connectivity allowing them the ability to adjust the video quality and receive buffer free content.
Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming
Adaptive BitRate streaming is an advanced automated video quality adjustment technique. It analyses the end user’s internet connectivity speed and automatically adjusts the video quality.

Suppose, you have a fast internet connection, then Adaptive Bitrate will stream either HD or Full-HD video at your end.

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