Stroage Solution
Storage Solution
Zecast Storage & Virtualisation solutions are a set of flexible, integrated, pre-tested solutions created to meet customer’s expectations of best-of-breed technologies tailored to meet leading edge challenges in our data centres.

Admin Panel
Zecast allows monitoring and management with our user friendly admin panel. You are the authority when uploading  and managing your content,  there are several options and areas that improve efficiency, improve performance, allowing you to forecast storage capacity and plan broadcast continuity.
We remove financial restrictions and enable clients to future proof their IT infrastructure and realise long-term cost savings; update their technology to meet the needs of their business and ensure scalability.
Embed content on any domain
Once you upload a file, we create a unique URL for it. The URL can be embedded to any site and any location to feed content to your audience or programme director.

Your digital data is accessible at anytime from multiple devices that supports H.264 and AAC formats

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